“Before joining Jetty I worked out at my local gym. I spent more time “getting back in shape” than I did seeing results. Jetty changed that, fast. I started seeing results after the first month, mainly in my endurance. Gone were the days of panting from running up the stairs to catch the subway to my office. Dennis and the rest of the coaching staff push you and help you realize your own potential. That’s something I couldn’t get at any other gym I have joined. The work outs are incredibly tough, but incredibly rewarding. My excuses for not joining at first: I can’t handle the work out, I don’t have time, I won’t enjoy it. The reality: I can handle it. I made time. I love it.”

Phil S.


“Huge shout out to Dennis and Mike at CrossFit Jetty! I am a 55 year old mom, and I haven’t consistently worked out in a while, and I have had back issues in the past, so I was a little nervous about trying CrossFit and a little intimidated that the workout would be too much for me. But Mike was so positive and encouraging that I decided to give it a try. And I’m so glad I did! I went with my 20 year old college student daughter (also a first-timer) and her very athletic friend. Dennis was amazing–an awesome coach! He scaled the workout to suit each of us perfectly,. he monitored our form so we wouldn’t get hurt, and he was so motivating! You really feel like you have a personal coach, cheering you on. I was surprised–CrossFit wasn’t intimidating after all! The other (more experienced) people in the class were so welcoming and encouraging, I really felt like I was part of a team. The three of us left smiling, amazed at how hard we worked and how much fun we had at the same time. We are excited to go back for more! Thanks to all of you at CrossFit Jetty for creating such a positive, supportive, friendly environment and for making working out fun again!”

Hilary M.


“Came in here at ~255 lbs in Nov of 2014. I had never lifted weights before and could barely even air squat. As of June 2015 I weigh 199 lbs and am healthier, stronger, and happier. Working out is no longer something I fear, but something I actually look forward to. The coaches and people at Jetty will change your life.”

Frank A.